Figured art paint by numbers exclusive collection is a highly creative method of bringing out the secret artist in you! While art may have come across as a costly expense to you, with figured art, now you can be worry-free. Through the recently launched sale on Figured art paint by numbers, you too can paint away the boredom of living around an artless space and not break the bank. The sale is applicable on a wide variety of themes such as animals, flowers, landscapes, pop art, and birds. and many more. The best part about figured art paint by numbers is that you do not necessarily need to be an art maestro. You can choose from easy, intermediate, and complex levels for your next DIY art. The prices are dropped down up to 50% on some of the most selling figured art paint by numbers. Read further to know about the figured art sale on a painting by numbers and everything in between.

Figured Art Paint By Numbers | Bestsellers

Animals: If you are an avid animal lover and can not take your eyes off of them, then trying out animal-themed paintings can be a highly pleasurable experience for you. Learning to paint animals is quite easy with the technique of paint by numbers as you will be guided about. For beginners, the polygon art dog painting is one of the easiest and most attractive choices. Apart from this, you can also choose the famous labrador dog painting or the bulldog pop art to start your painting journey. The exclusive animal collection on figured art is available at an impressive 50% discount. Check the below table for your reference.

Labrador Dog30% Off
Bulldog Pop Art40% Off
Duo Of Koi Carps50% Off
Cigar Dog35% Off
White Rabbit40% Off

Landscapes: A landscape painting or drawing refers to an artwork whose primary focus is natural scenery, such as mountains, forests, cliffs, trees, rivers, valleys, etc. If painting your favorite landscapes seems like something you would love to spend your weekend on, then have a look at these discounted figured art landscape paintings down below:

Tokyo Harajuku50% Off
St. Basil’s Cathedral40% Off
Buddha Bangkok35% Off
Edinburg Statue30% Off
Swiss Village35% Off
Greek Village30% Off

Flowers: Flowers collection is one of the prettiest when it comes to the figured art paint by numbers. You can discover paint by numbers and paint beautiful canvases easily. Peonies, sunflowers, sublime roses, beautiful bouquets and many other abstract or contemporary floral reproductions are available at Figured’Art. Through the exclusive sale discount, up to 40% discount can be applied to your orders.

Sunflowers In Front Of Barn40% Off
Parrot & Green Plant35% Off
Pretty Bouquet25% Off

Dogs: Being the best friend of every human being, dogs deserve the most unconditional love from us. One creative way to showcase your affection and embrace their beauty is through art. You can pick from an easy art to a more complex dog art depending on your skill. Figured art has a wide collection of dog art in their paint by number series. Some of the bestselling arts include::

Labrador Dog30% Off
Bulldog Pop Art40% Off
Duo Of Koi Carps50% Off
Cigar Dog35% Off

Figure Art Paint By Number | Available Levels

Since art is challenging and requires you to continuously upskill yourself, Figured art has different art styles based on your level of skills. So it does not matter whether you are a seasoned artist or an immediate fresher, figured art can provide you the ultimate collection of numbered art collections for each stage of your art skills. You can visit their paint-by-numbers page and sort out the available canvases as per your choice. Below are the different types of difficulty levels available on the figured art website:

Easy: As not all of us are born artists and need to develop the skills over time, this difficulty level is suitable for everyone who is at the starting point. While different hurdles might come in the way of pushing yourself to the highest level, beginners can increase their confidence level through some of the easiest art canvases available on Figured art. For absolute beginners, the animal paintings such as the polygon art dog, labrador dog or bulldog pop art will help in quickly getting comfortable with the numbered art. You can also pick easy landscape paintings for understanding the properties of light and how light affects objects in nature. Knowing the principles of effective design.

Intermediate: Once you have mastered the easy art styles, it is now time to gear up. Mastering the depth and color usage should be on your bucket list for getting past the intermediate level. There are a number of design options available for the artists to up-skill themselves such as ocean and sunset scenes, birds, animals, landscapes, and more.

Complex: If you have mastered the above levels, you can proceed to the more complex paintings. These include paintings that require a lot of color combinations, different brush strokes, and a thorough sense of shade and lighting. However, if you are on this level, it would not be that difficult for you to understand the concepts. The night sky or the sunset scenes can help you in understanding the aspects of a more complex painting. With the true guidance of the numbered art, you will actually be surprised to see the results of your efforts in the end.

Figure Art Paint By Number: What’s Included In The Kit

When you place an order on a Figured art store, you get a range of items to work on your paintings. These items are essential for creating the art that you see and order. Every art available under the Figure art paint by number series has a dedicated kit that includes all the items that are required for creating your own masterpiece. This means that you do not need to purchase tools or colors to work on your project. Below are the items that you will get in your Figure art paint by number kit.

  • 1 numbered linen canvas
  • 3 nylon brushes of different sizes
  • Pots of numbered acrylic paints
  • A thumbnail photo of the work to guide you
  • 2 screws + 2 hooks for wall mounting

Note: You can also order additional paint pots  for even more convenience.