EvoMag | Back To School Offers: Find Exciting Perks On Huawei

Planning to surprise your kids but lacking in ideas? Good news alert, shoppers! evoMag stands next to you with a vow to help you out thoroughly. Wondering how? Well, it has unlocked a grand back-to-school event to meet all ranges of your suffices just in a second. However, for the stake additionally aware, do keep in mind that the event endorses only Huawei and all its digital products which have started as low as 219 Lei. 

So, let’s think more, delve inside the event, and bag some ultra-advanced digital gadgets for your kids before it passes by.

evoMag Back To School Offer| Find Out The Guidelines

There is no meaning to being a random shopper at any point of time. Because the ultimate output would be a big zero for taking bombarding decisions. Therefore, it is always advisable to be prudent about the basic idea of a discount event or similar ones before stepping into it. Therefore, make yourself upfront with the following guidelines.

  • Promoted brand under the event is Huawei
  • Featured products are 
  • laptops, tablets, notebooks, ebook readers
  • Fitness bands, smartwatches, smartphones, and airdopes 
  • 1-year  onsite warranty is mandated upon all products 
  • Shopping can be commenced without employing any evoMag promo code
  • Free standard doorstep delivery is applicable on all orders


In order to avoid last-minute hustle-bustle keep your shopping list either ready or completed beforehand.

evoMag Back To School Event| A Glimpse On Top-Selling Products

As it has already been mentioned only the products of Huawei are assembled under the event, it’s time to carry out a quick glimpse at the products that are soaring in hype and craze.

1. Laptops

All series of Huawei MateBook of heterogeneous configurations are included under the deal. The displayed models are D14, D15, and D16 with i3 to i5 processors and 8GB RAM, and 256GB to 512GB SSD. The performing OS for all laptops is Windows 11. The apparent price scale may fluctuate as per stocks. However, the basic price of the displayed laptops starts from 2,399.00 Lei.

Take a glance at the trending products 

2. Tablets

Tablets of both the MediaPad and MatePad series are included in the list. Displayed configurations include 2GB to 4GB RAM, 16GB Flash memory, a 5MP camera, and 4G network connectivity. Despite it, android systems have been programmed as operating systems. These can be used only as reading gadgets. 

Take a glance at the trending products 

3. Smartwatches

Under the Back-to-school event, smartwatches are the ones that have the most intriguing collections in terms of designs, product quality, and adhered smart technologies. The colors and designs are equally heterogenous like other features as well. On average, these can be shopped onwards from 679.00 Lei.

Take a glance at the trending products 

4. Other electronics accessories

These include Bluetooth and wi-fi headphones, AirPods, and fitness trackers. The synchronized engineering and induced features unveil mind-blowing performances all the time. The best part is, in terms of budget these are much cheaper than other products.

Take a glance at the trending products 

So, this is all about evoMag back-to-school offers at a glance. If you feel to drill more details, go and personally look into the sale page. And despite these, you can also explore more similar exciting offers from the brand. All the best. Kickout a delightful shopping experience without burning your wallet.