ochnik leatherwear

Leatherwear have been in fashion industry for a very long time. They give you classic as well as trendy look to amp your fashion game. You can carry leather products like clothing and bags in winter and spring season to keep your body warm and to give yourself an instant fashionable and trendy look. But buying leather products can cost you a significant amount of money.

You might want to fill in your wardrobe with new collection of leatherwear and that too at wallet friendly deals then OCHNIK is here to provide a solution.

You can enjoy a new collection of leatherwear at OCHNIK stores. Here is a list of the new collection designed by OCHNIK to give you a classy look.

The company began with designing, sewing and selling of one jacket in the year 1989 and then OCHNIK gained new customers because of the quality products the offer. Currently, OCHNIK is a market leader in design and sale of leather clothing. The products of OCHNIK are durable and are designed to give you maximum comfort.

OCHNIK’s new collection of leatherwear is designed by young and ambitious designers who follow the ongoing fashion trends in the market. They carefully choose and design the all new collection to amp your fashion game.


The new collection by OCHNIK designed for both women and men has a variety of leather jackets available in various colors and styles. A few of them are listed here, you can also check for them by directly visiting their website at ochnik.com and enjoy great deals to refine your fashion trends.

A few jackets are mentioned below:

Women’s leather jacket exclusively available under the New Collection section. The jacket is made up of light sheepskin nappa and is available in different colours. They are a perfect match with your everyday outfits that is you can match it with casualwear. It has lining made up of polyester and makes it comfortable to wear. They are available online in various sizes and styles.

There are jackets for men under the new leather collection. They are available in varied styles to add in to casual stylizations. Also, the sizes are available from small to the largest available size.

One of the available jackets at OCHNIK online store with product code-MEN’S JACKET KURMS -0191 is a short jacket for men is made with high quality natural sheepskin. The jacket has pockets with zippers gives you a more modern look. The stitching done on the shoulders of the jacket gives you a sporty look. The jacket is comfortable to wear everyday with matching bottoms like pants or trousers.

There are many new styles and colours under the New Collection of leatherwear introduced by OCHNIK. The leather jackets works in many combinations like with your favourite pants or trousers to give you a sporty and elegant look. The jackets are durable and are designed to give you comfort all the day and in all seasons. To purchase one you can either check online or in-store and also there are discounts available on men’s leather jackets.


OCHNIK also has coats in their new leather collection. The long coats for women are made up of natural nappa sheepskin. The long coats come with a belt at the waist for a better fit and the belt also give you a more elegant look. The coats have a lining made up of 100% polyester. The long coats has a length reaching the knees. You can select the one which suits you from their online store and make the payment in cash, by card, online payment or deferred payment.


The leather collection has leather skirts which can be worn in all seasons with your favourite tops or tee. OCHNIK’s new leather collection has leather skirts made up of natural nappa sheepskin. Many of them come with a belt at the waist to give you a stylish look.

The lining of the skirt is made up of 70% polyester and 30% cotton. The skirt are designed to give you guarantee of various possible styles. The mini skirt with product code SPCDS-0050-5506 (W21) is available in black colour with light gold coloured metal decorative elements. The skirts are available in many styles to like straight line, mini skirt, etc. in various sizes.

OCHNIK’s new collection also consists of leather pants. The length of the pants is short and full length made of natural sheepskin. The pants are designed to give you a modernised look with maximum stretch to make it more comfortable to wear. Some of them are also available at lower prices. Check them online and add your location to check the availability in-store.

The leather shorts are designed to provide a perfect complement to casual style.


You need a wallet to arrange money and cards. And everyone carries a wallet and OCHNIK has introduced wallets and bags under the New Collection. They are made from natural leather and you can also find wallets made from a combination of leather and canvas.


OCHNIK has a new collection of shoes to give you trendy look. An ingenious compilation of different textures and colours adds in to your fashion game. The shoes are made up of a combination of natural sheep leather and others. All of the available new collection of shoes have insulating properties. You can think of casual stylization with the New Collection of shoes for men.

New Collection has leather shoes for women too where the shoes are made up of leather combined with other material. The shoes are durable and are available in a variety of styles.

The New Collection of leatherwear by OCHNIK has many different options for both men and women and you can sign up or sign in to enjoy the New Collection on sale. The offer is available for limited time period as you can collect all the new designs at affordable prices.