Your footwear unveils another side of your personality. Therefore, choosing it with prudence is utmost. However, if you’re an avid workout enthusiast or an adventure sport lover, or a just fashion enthusiast Vivo Barefoot stokes your zeal and potential by introducing the new Primus Lite Knit collection. So, discover your potential from a new direction and be mettled to go beyond the threshold! 

Vivo Barefoot Primus Lit Knit Launch: A Quick Guide To Exclusive Features

Why Primus and not other pairs? Well, to be fed with satisfactory answers you have to have a detailed outline of the shoe and its features. First of all, it’s a high-performance training shoe which thoroughly mesh-knitted and comes in a lace-up enclosure. Knitted from the exclusive Primus lit knit the whole upper part is spaciously spaced with homogenous pores that allow good ventilation on one side and highly endurant on the other. The sole is cut from a high-quality flexible rubber that has a recumbent flexibility of upto 360-degree. And with a wide midsole, spike-less fore sole, and high ankle collar supportiveness, Primus Lite Knit assures maximum support for all kinds of heavy training namely cross-training, weight-lifting, and more.

Primus Lite Knit Features At A Glance

Who Can Shop For A Pair Of Vivo Barefoot Primus Lit Knit? 

Available in three shades; cloud white, aqua blue, and black Vivo Primus Lite Knit are available for both men and women onwards from $180 and are further entitled to free shipping above $122. As per the news from the in-house footwear expert Primus Lite Knit has endured with overall potency and mettle by 60% in the past 6 months.