‘Home’ is the adobe of paradise for all living beings, where they can sit, rest, reminisce, and surpass every moment with sheer tranquility. Therefore, to feel more homely you’ve to be prudent about the wellness of your home.

Devoting to this perspective Loberon unleashes an atmospheric collection of furniture and home decor that bid your home to glow sophisticatedly and help you spend a cozy and comfortable lifestyle. Corresponding to a massive time-log; from antediluvian to modern, Loberon’s catalog puts up furniture and adhesive designs after commencing beautiful assimilation between arts and craftsmanship. Rudimentary, ancient, Mediterranean, and contemporary— a blending of these 4-time series are well notable in every single creation.

Thus, in this season if you’re affined to embrace your house space a little cozier, devote your full attention to Loberon’s celestial. Along with the immense varieties, you’ll also enjoy a relaxing budge scale for all products. Below, an overview is entailed for your stake. Take a glance.

Prior shopping tips| Things you must consider

Just like the comfort, Loberon is empathetic to budget all the time. All its products stay below the line of unaffordability. Moreover, it arranges some interesting markdown events with times that make the entire shopping experience more enjoyable. Look below to uncover ongoing events for now.

  • An event of sale is waving upon the rack of vintage furniture. These include drawing room furniture, garden furniture, vintage cupboards, armchairs, chests, stools, puffs, and more. The extent of discounts reaches up to 50%.
  • Draw extra savings worth €10 after enrolling with Loberon’s newsletter
  • Get assured and verified free delivery across all service locations
  • Enjoy 21 days of penalty-free return
  • Extra cashback and rewards upon online payments

Loberon| Explore the latest collections

Your home is your choice. Hence, there is no bar the way you want to decorate the inside and outside space; starting from door to ceiling. For, a better approach peek inside some of the latest launches of Loberon. Here you go!.

1. Explore the new Fall collection

The ‘Fall’ is yet to loom albeit, still there is no lag to muse the season beforehand. The vibe is also well spread inside Loberon which is significantly notable through its endeavor. That is, it scoops out a new alcove, marshaled into a slew of the fall collections. The major features of the cupboard are as follows.

  • The ‘fall’ collection is mainly a pile of vintage furniture—includes heavy set furniture, decor, and accessories.
  • Notable embedded products are as follows
  • Window curtains, door curtains, cushion covers, covers verdiers, fall napkins
  • Side tables, tray troyer, mirror glass, candle set, mattress, lamps, and so on
  • A high intensity of woolen, knitted, and heavy fabrics are notable across the whole collection
  • An amalgamated infusion between vintage and contemporary designs is overviewed everywhere.

Loberon Fall collection| Top picks

Lantern verm| 44.95

Candle set of 4| 24.95

Vase set of 3| 28.95

Curtain annik| 89.95

Plaid stella| 58.95

Carpet flueriel| 84.95

2. Loberon new garden collection

Do you have any idea regarding the best ways of cherishing leisure during summer days? Very simple! Sit upon your favorite armchair in your garden, close your eyes and sip the effulging sun rays! And to sizzle up this desire, Loberon marshals a long array of garden furniture encompassing a vast range. From seating couches to swing chairs, plant racks to outdoor dining tables, every single product is not just of magical get-up but budget-effective at the same time as well.

Details are as follows

  • Furniture in soaring demands are
  • Seating couches, sofas, hanging chairs, outdoor parasols
  • Garden decor, cupboards, basket holders, and so on
  • A significant concentration of handmade rattan weaving, and acrylic designs are piled inside the section
  • Basic price starts from €24 and stretches up to €4,498
  • A large palette of colors are displayed for all ranges of users

 Loberon garden furniture collection| Top picks

Planting table greensvile| 198

Table breheville| 2,898

Sofa rimmi| 1,998

Garden house cortinanda| 2,998

Leano hanging chair| 49.95

Pavilion marlow| 3,998

3.  Loberon new bedroom collection

A bedroom embellished with all milky white—from mattresses to bedsheets, wall decors, and even the wall paint, is a dream of everyone. But maintaining white from tip to bottom is a bit challenging. However, at Loberon you will witness a wholehearted initiative in breaking the shell by displaying an immersive collection of white. All these are available at handy prices, starting onwards from €34.

  • Chest sets, window dividers, cupboards, bed mattresses, duvets, pillow covers, etc
  • Other inclusions are wall decors, bedside tables, chest cabinets, etc
  • All the furniture are chiseled mainly in Mediterranean styles
  • Some select products are put up into ongoing markdown events as well.

Loberon bedroom furniture collection| Top picks

Bed drome| €2,498

Bed aubrianne| 1,398

Coat stand arlington| 148

Cabinet lucgrarier| 648

Bed milo| 1,598

Cottonwood bed| 1,498

Get gorgeous furnishing ideas from Loberon

Not just an impeccable store for vintage furniture, Loberon is also cherished for entailing elegant furnishing ideas. Whether for an alcove of the house or for the whole, all ideas are well apt and engrossing. Besides this, furnishing ideas are curated in a whole set and imparted to various niches. On top of all, these can be customized as per personal preference and designs such as vintage, contemporary, etc.

  • Presently available furniture ideas include
  • Rustic country style: which includes everything in rustic wooden frames and brown bleach. Such as sofa sets, brown burnished bookshelf, countryside tea table, mattress, etc.
  • White Mediterranean style: it boasts all in milky white followed by bright hues such as magenta, olive green, coral blue, and so on.
  • Modern outdoor and garden furniture: which enlists an array of patio furniture, garden decors, and accessories blended with classic and modern craftsmanship.
  • Furnishing ideas are available for home, kitchen, bedroom, workspace, corridor, and portico
  • Products can be selected and mixed as per personal preference

**Click here to uncover everything about furnishing ideas.

So, stop thinking more or just being baffled, if you are planning for new and distinct home decor. Step inside Loberon, pick and set, whatever furniture you are looking for. Have a great experience ahead. Enjoy.