DJI Tech

Are you looking for ways and devices to take your business and operations to an advanced level?

Then DJI is here to provide complex technology in easy-to-use devices, giving you a new platform to develop and accomplish your business goals.

You can find DJI products in different fields including video production, enterprise and agriculture giving your creativity a new platform. The DJI products help to capture your creativity by giving you amazing videos and photos, high-end professional and personalized images. 

DJI helps in redefining industries giving the professionals new opportunities in filmmaking, agriculture, energy infrastructure, conservation, search and rescue and more.

To find the detailed description of different DJI products, scroll down to take your business to an advanced level and reach new heights.

Video Production

MAVIC Series


The Video shooting and image capturing product will give you a new perspective as it comes with 1 inch CMOS sensor and has sensors to find obstacles in all four directions. DJI AIR 2S is can capture 5.4k video giving you rich and clear color tones to record and capture every aspect as it gives a brighter picture even in low light scenes and in dark. Find the hues of a new opportunity with DJI AIR 2S. 

DJI Mini 2

With DJI Mini 2 you can make your moments fly as it helps to capture clear photographs and videos as it records Ultra clear 4K videos. The intelligent modes and quick shots capture every moment every second without missing any, it weighs only 249gms and fits in your palm easily. DJI Mini 2 has a powerful performance with a maximum battery life of 31 minutes, it supports up to 10kms of HD Video Transmission to let you explore the world without limitations. 

OSMO Series

DJI Pocket 2

DJI Pocket 2 is a tiny yet portable and powerful camera that takes perfect photos and records amazing videos. While you are planning to record your business achievements or business operations in a remote area then DJI Pocket 2 is for you. The panorama mode and ActiveTrack 3.0 capture and record, keeping everyone in the shot. AI editor lets you combine clips into one video to help you to grow your business in the future.

OSMO Mobile 3

The best foldable and portable OSMO Mobile 3 comes with advanced technology giving you amazing moments. It has a story mode and gesture control options along with ActiveTrack 3.0 to transform your video recording modes into easy-to-use devices with high-tech technology and find new opportunities.


PHANOM Series has various easy-to-use aerial imaging products. They all have advanced and complex technology but the easy operation makes it easy to use, they have varying flight time, you can buy depending upon your business operations to capture the new research work and open up a door to learn and motivate yourself.

You can check them on the homepage under the ‘Consumer’ section. Also’ the ‘Professional’ section has more high-tech products to shoot videos and capture images based on your profession.


Industry leaders are putting drones to work to redefine their work, DJI has drones for various industry types like public safety, oil and gas, electricity, aerial surveying and AEC to take your work to new heights. You can do the listed tasks the DJI Products-

  • Empower People

You can expand the business by motivating the employees with the DJI products to add to their existing professional skills.

  • Reduce risks

You can reduce risks by keeping your projects on schedule.

  • Digitize work

You can digitize your business operations by capturing the real moments and research work for a better future of the enterprise.


Public Safety

You can better serve your communities with an accurate and timely recording of the moments with the DJI Products.


Aerial Surveying and AEC

If you are into Aerial Surveying and AEC then you can manage complex projects to capture and study maps of various sites.



The agriculture industry can enjoy the benefits from the latest and high-tech drones from DJI, there are various drones designed by the DJI team for crop protection and more.

With the mission ‘Technology Inspires Growth’ DJI drones help data analysis, mission planning and cloud services. 

DJI agriculture products and accessories make farming more efficient than ever, a few DJI products include-


This can be used for a variety of crops and can give you the best crops of rice, wheat, corn, citrus trees, cotton and more as you can monitor the insects’ movement around the crops and can help you monitor the weed growth to get the best yield.

Spraying Operators paired with drones

T Series Spreading system 2.0

The agricultural drones with an in-built feature of spraying solid particles like seeds, it is suitable for rice seeding, prairie reseeding, oil seeding, fertilizer spraying and more.


You can easily generate basic field maps and make construction plans with the latest technological device. The operations are not limited to this but you can also utilize the GIS system for property management and record changes. The easy-to-use device will accelerate your farming activity to make farming more efficient than ever.

There are products like P4 Multispectral and DJI Terra for crop inspection and mission planning. You can quickly inspect the growth of the plants and utilize crop protection measures and you can also acquire the correct metric for agricultural management. DJI Terra helps in mission planning to improve operational efficiency. 

DJI Products not only empowers the professionals in one field but provides intelligent solutions to professionals working in various fields like agriculture, public safety, Aerial Surveying and AEC, filmmaking, conservation, energy infrastructure and more. 

You can simply visit the site of DJI and click on the various categories to learn more about the products and the ‘Support’ section will give you further information from where you can buy the products.

It is now easy to take your creativity to an advanced level with high-tech DJI Products.