The wardrobe of daily wears significantly differs from party or holiday wear. The underlying reason is quite simple and known by all. And exactly at this point, another challenge bubbles up.  It is because finding a store for daily wear is not as simple as we think. But thanks to Cotton Traders with an initiative to assort this problem. 

Founded 50 years back, the main imperative of Cotton Traders encircles creating a delicate fashion vibe from the very beginning where comfort and decency walk hand in hand. Thus, quintessentially, it puts a vigorous effort to design supreme quality everyday wear for both men and women. And to toast this aspect with extra devotion, in this late phase of summer Cotton Traders unveils a specific event only on daily wear. So, let’s come and traverse through the event.

Shop Everyday Essentials| Explore Details

The event of everyday essentials is imparted between men and women and applicable only to clothes. A plunge of apparel in vertices of styles, designs, and cuts is embedded along with. Take a profound detailing of the event before you start exploiting it. 

Women’s essentials| Starting from £3

The core principle of fashion loiters around comfort and generating an intriguing symphony between design and fittings. The truth is, you will vividly witness the implementation of the statement once you peek in the women’s closet of everyday wear. From tops to bottoms,  at some points, you may feel someone just has poured blobs of soft, bubbly hues over cozy, fluffy, and super snugging fabrics. So, you can imagine the adorability of the closet, right? 

Details of the closet

  • Embedded apparel includes
  • T-shirts| polo t-shirts| high-neck t-shirts
  • Pullovers| pull-on trousers| jackets| knitwear
  • Jumpers| shorts| trench coats, etc
  • doorstep delivery
  •  Hassle-free return within the time period
  • Agile payment facilities.

Women’s best collection

Men’s essentials| Buy 2 save 5

Like women, men’s closet is also embellished with apparel of bright colors and hues.  It is redundant to highlight that every single pick of the store is as soft as a feather. However, keeping the context of the upcoming season, the majority of the wardrobe stocks knitted and woolen clothes like sweaters, jackets, and trousers followed by polos, tees, and casual shirts that are made up of nature-based cotton. Pacing up with the comfort the tagged price scale is very much affordable and poising. So, for this season a pair of casual wear from the stock of Cotton Traders won’t cause you to regret later– that’s a guarantee.

Details of the closet

  • Embedded apparel includes
  • T-shirts| polos| jackets| sweaters
  • Trousers| shorts| coats| joggers
  • The basic price starts onwards from £4
  • A special discount is being offered to select products that levers 
  • £5 off on purchasing 2 same apparel
  • £9 off on purchasing 3 same apparel
  • The option for Click and Collect is accessible
  • Multiple payment options including cards and net banking are available

Men’s best collection

Cotton Traders| Everyday Essentials| List Of Other Perks

Besides the flexible access to daily wear essentials and shopping premium quality comfortable clothes, there is something more special about Cotton Traders which will persuade every single time when it comes to adhering to a fresh makeover to your personal wardrobe. The crux of all associated facts is revealed below.

  • Get access to hassle-free and fast courier services and return 
  • Enjoy a huge selection of colors, styles, and designs
  • No compromise with comfort in terms of perks and discounts
  • Always get the best fit and scrawl through a wide size scale
  • Plausible as well as feasible payment options
  • 24x7x365 customer support

Thus, start filling the shopping cart with the desirable number of clothes you want to bag from the everyday wear event. Don’t worry. You won’t throb high on BP in terms of costings. They are all under your grip. So, relax and start selecting. All the best to your shopping zeal!