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5 Cool Summer Travel Destinations: Travel bugs are like cockroaches. Once it cuts, the itching won’t stop until you land in the land of fantasy. So, whether you consider it a placebo or an allergy sliding your feet into the ferver of globetrotting truly resembles an addiction. And Alamo deciphers this terse far before. Henceforth, keeps its pages updated with incredible travel ideas along with newly found holiday lands for all the time. Thus it remains unchanged for summer as well. So, be prepared for a sparkling welcome of summer with Alamo and keep your bags packed early to onboard for these 5 cool summer travel destinations at any point in time.

5 Best & Cool Travel Destinations By Alamo For Summer

Summertime means beach time! Don’t you agree? Therefore, the craze for lying upon golden sand and basking in the sun while relaxing in front of the blue emerald ocean soar maximum hype than anything else. But it’s not true always. It’s often been found travellers who search for tranquillity in nature’s own lap lean more on a quiet place like a valley or a remote virgin forest than a crowded tourist hotspot. Alamo has tried to solve these vibrant nodes of requirements by compiling these 5 travel destinations below which have already been cherished as the best places to visit in the hot season. 

Best Beach Vacation Destinations

The entire map of the USA is fringed with long coastal lines accompanied by vibrant climatic zones. However, for summer the passion to gamble on a tropical coast is higher than other. And in that list two, people overtly express their obsession with the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands. The reasons in the backdrop— of course the lifestyle, colour, loudness, and vivacity. Know what made these two islands on top of demands.

Hawaiian Islands

best beach vacations

An archipelago of 8 tiny island fragments Hawaii is a paradise for those who show an avid passion to infuse luxury with comfort in nature’s lap. Nestled in SW Pacific Hawaii clamours define its signature identity in just a single phrase— leap-hop-relax-and-repeat! So, whether you’re a devotee of youth and vibrancy or love to be healed by nature’s mighty touch without comprising a single alcove of luxury, heading to this island to make a memorable itinerary experience would make you completely worthy. 

Must To-Do Things In Hawaii

Caribbean Islands

Located exactly opposite to the Hawaii islands, the Caribbean islands are the immediate ones which leave Americans on top of their palpitations. Not just for nature’s magical spell, this chain of islands on SW Atlantic is more popular for its ingrained hortatory zeal, candor vibe, multiculturalism, mixed ethnicity and a genuine multicultural and multilingual landscape. Although, the majority of the natives are either Spanish or English speakers an amicable cocoon of other global languages is observed preponderantly. So, whether you land in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, or spare spaces between Trinidad and Tobago you will experience living an impeccable life with no flaws throughout the tour. From experiencing local cuisines to exotic cocktails to putting with feet rhythmically for a few steps of Tango, Caribbean islands have everything you desire for fantasy travel.

Must To-Do Things In Caribbean Islands

  • Explore the 49 archipelagoes if possible or just roam a few without skipping a single lane
  • Put Punta Cuna, Nassau, San Juan, and Montego Bay in your list of beach explorations
  • Take a roam through Havana city and its historical imprints
  • Relish local cuisines and must take a deluxe cruise ride
  • Explore the island’s inert culture and know the life

**Look out for the list of other popular beaches here.

Best Travel Destination Across The West Coast

Wondering what these are about? Well, it’s a bundle of cities which are globally acclaimed as the cities of night and light. We’ve picked Las Vegas as the best recommendation. There are more as well such as Oregon, Denver, Utah, Colorado, and more. But we affix more into out-pedalling the reasons Las Vegas is generously cherished as a stunning destination for both adulthood and family times simultaneously. Here you go.

Las Vegas

best beach vacations

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Las Vegas often known as Vegas is a living heaven for people where material luxury embellishes and illuminate like a dazzling chandelier. Thus whether you gladly seek the ‘so-called’  adult life or just to foil a fun family time, Las Vegas dilutes everything within itself you require. Henceforth, gladly crowned as a luxury holiday escape. 

Must To-Do Things In Las Vegas

  • Explore the city life especially the nightlife, the colours, sparks, and more
  • Take a night walk to the Freemont Street experience
  • Take a fun ride on the high roller with your family
  • Enjoy the marvellous night-time city landscape from the famous Stratosphere tower
  • Take a day trip to the Hoover dam, Mob Museum, Rock Canyon national park, etc
  • Experience a night show at a strip bar or partake in a Casino round

Best Family Vacation Spots

When it comes to inspecting hot tour sports for a family vacation that means you’re on for crowded and fun travel destinations where the terse travel quo is making hilarious, sweet and memorable times. Since family vacations are more often involved with kids we’ve handpicked two places that you will love most. 

Disney Park

best beach vacations

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Children without fantasy— huh! Lamest joke ever! On the contrary, it would so fateful if children stop evoking and living in a magical world. We can’t afford this mishap, right? Therefore, take your kids to Disney park and make a splendid family vacation. Since there is a chain of Disney parks spreaded over the country we can pick any of these; either from California or Florida. The choice is yours. 

Must To-Do Things At Disney Park

  • Choose the Disney Park you want to land in; whether Disneyland, Disney Park, EPCOT Internation Disney Park, etc
  • Spend a whole day or weekend and spare some quality time with fun activities offered
  • Partake in an ongoing festive event i.e. of music, food, culture, etc
  • Watch a few series of Disney movies with your kids
  • Take a fun ride with Disney-exclusive characters

National Parks

best beach vacations

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There are thousands of national parks spreaded across various vicinities of the USA. These are of vibrant kinds also such as zoo parks, natural parks, alpine parks, and natural parks with exceptional features like hot geysers, volcanic islands, etc. Choose one of these parks at your stake or as per your kids’ desire and spend a few days or charming weekends listening to nature’s own whispers and songs.

 Most Popular National Parks In The USA

So, this was all about the top 5 travel destinations offered by Alamo for this summer. Explore these profoundly in your spare time and look for quick travel tips and hacks before you step out. And meanwhile, stay tuned with us for more such interesting articles.