Fashion in European countries is not like that of an American country. Instead, it is more often reflected as a reciprocation between the country and its people. In short, bespeaking for indigenous culture and expressing them by means of vivacious colours, and rupture is what– is immersed within a typical European fashion sense. So, it’s quite quintessential the same trend would be carried forward by Spain as well. 

Now when it comes to exploring the core of a Spaniard vogue, we’ve seen that the expression of flamboyance in terms of colours and choice of threads do vary with topographical locations. For example, while solid hue, thick-long threaded clothes centralize as the main fashion staple, apparel busted with colours, or full embroideries and of course, dense use of fine, wavy fabrics are common to plain and coastal areas. 

Keeping vigilance on these quos, we’ve shortlisted a few contemporary fashion trends which literally have blown a storm for this fall. And all the picks have been borrowed from the most iconic fashion boutique Massimo Dutti. So, let’s delve into the store and explore the top fashion trends to spice up your fall silhouette. 

Top Contemporary Fall Fashion Trends To Blow Your Mind Away

1. Massimo Dutti Studio Collection—Leather Jacket & Trench Coats In ‘Black’

‘Black’ is the new trendsetter for 2022-23 fall fashion. In fact, it is hardly possible to spot a year behaved apprehensive to black and it’s dominance in fashion. However, this year the affinity for black leather jackets and trenchcoats seems more preponderant than in immediate previous years. So, you may feel like travelling back to the era of the early 20th century at some points. Wide-leg leather pants, cropped leather jackets, point-heel black knee boots, and black hats— each paraphernalia impeccably pairs with each other to arouse the feeling. And Massimo Dutti’s studio collection of black leather jackets and coats is just more than enough to indulge in this current trend! So, go and explore them all and resonate your fashion sense with deeper contrast. 

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Belted Nappa Leather Trench Jacket| 399,00Short leather jacket| 299,00Leather Jacket Studio| 299,00

2. Wide Collared Highland Wollen Coat— Massimo Dutti Men Fall Exclusive

Highland woollen coats with knee length and double-breasted collars for Massimo Dutti men are 2022-23 fashion showstoppers for fall. Bleached with a single solid hue; blue, black, and brown mainly, these coats resemble classic British culture and debonair vain. Despite combating severe snowfall these coats are equally waterproof against heavy downpours. The best way to carry this coat is to pair it up with classic English trousers, high-ankle boots and a long woollen muffler. 

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Detachable Interior Wool Houndstooth Coat| 249,00Long Navy Blue Wollen Coat| 249,00Double-Breasted Wollen Jacket| 199,00 

3. Frilled Dress & High Neck Sweater Combo— Massimo Dutti Women Fashion Iconic Series

The Iconic Series at Massimo Dutti women is full of charms and twists that indeed disseminate sheer iconism to your entire fall fashion aura. Let’s start with this frilled halter neck dress with is beautifully paired with a full-sleeve high sweater and long-knee boots. There are so many analogous colours available inside the Iconic series studio. You can customise your choice accordingly. The triggering reason for making the style trendsetter is its appeal which meticulously blends haughtiness with vain. So, carve out a new path of fashion with this dress this fall and let others be awestruck by your choice! 

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Pleated Halter Jumpsuit| 169,00Cross Back Silk Dress– Studio Collection| 199,00Silk Dresses With Feather Details| 149,00

5. Thermal Insulated Puffer Jacket

When the outer temperature drops below the freezing point, it’s simply absurd crossing the door without properly being geared up. Therefore, thermally insulated puffer jackets are the new fashion trademarks for this winter. These not only are efficient temperature-inclusive apparel but simultaneously a fashion buster. Thus, in the list of 2022-23 cool fashion trends, these take an upper-ranking position. Besides this, these jackets are hued with vibrant solid colours followed by various sim-length coverage; mid-sim, and long-sim. For a better shopping experience, you can peek and explore Massimo Dutti’s exclusive collection of thermal jackets.

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Light Jacket Filled With Down & Feather| 85,95Light Jacket Filled With Feather & Down| 85,95Hooded & Feather-Filled Long Jacket| 149,00

6. Puffed Sleeve Short Dress— Massimo Dutti Studio Exclusives

Stepping back to the vintage era does sound interesting, especially in the podium of fashion. After all, reinventing new vogue ideas either by infusing or creating always reveal a thrilling experience! So, the puffed sleeve short dress is the new fashion sensation from the desk of Massimo Dutti studio collection. Intertwining gothic gateup with 60’s retro style, this puffed sleeve ruffled balloon shape short dress matches perfectly well with black full-cover stockings and black platform heels. To highlight the silhouette more aesthetically you can certainly play with the colour contrasts i.e. grey with black, black with white, etc.

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Poplin Dress With Knot On The Back| 129,00Puffed Sleeve Dress| 169,00Short Poplin Bodice Dress| 129,00

7. Polka Dots

Polkas are not just love, but emotion— which are vivid across every single alley of Europe and so in Spain. Therefore, fashion tycoons just go obsessed regardless of gender with polka dots at any time of year and remain evergreen eon after eon. And Massimo Dutti marshals a beautiful pile of polka dots gauging through this fervour. It imparts this stock among dresses, skirts, and shirts so that it can feed everyone’s fashion cravings. Hence, brush your winter blues with blissful polkas and prints from the store.

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Polka Dot Print Skirt| 99,95Maroon Polka Dot Print Dress| 129,00Lunar Polka Print Shirt| 99,95

Therefore, mark and set a new trend to your quos of fall fashion days. Don’t feel baffled, or lacking in enthusiasm if you feel abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Massimo Dutti is always there for your help. So, find stunning ideas from the store and get goosebumps. Keep flaunting and enjoy.