Clarks Footwear: Best selection of comfortable shoes, boots & slippers

Finally, Summer is on its way and it’s time to deck back all your heavy cumbersome ‘Fall’ boots inside the cabinet. While the ‘hot season’ is the best time to indulge with free and easy-to-go style, you simply can’t overboard with essential summer footwear to complete the makeover. And who else can be the best emulator except for Clarks in this regard? 

From the beginning, Clarks keeps its vigilance fixed on stitching craftsmanship with quality which remains unchanged even after 200 years. Rather, as an add-on, it’s started crafting footwear according to the seasonal vibe.  On top of all facts, Clarks unties exclusive offers and discounts on all its trendy collections. For example, currently, its spring and summer compilation is handy at an extravagant 25% markdown! So, let’s not wait more and hunt inside its cabinet and find the best pair to pace up with ‘your’ kind of flaunt! 

  1. Top picks of summer shoes
  2. Breeze step blue| women 

Summer without colors–can’t imagine right? Because the logic is simple, be it for shoes or apparel, summer flaunting means to be smeared with color blots of vibrant hues. And this sky blue canvas shoe is a meticulous choice to make your day. Stitched in blue, washable comfortable canvas cloth while the upper shoe avails utmost breathability the white EVA sole releases a cushiony bounce all throughout the day. In brief, for a casual day out the pair is brilliant to go with a printed skirt, short, or baggy denim! 

  1. Atticus LT lace grey nucbuck| men

All fashionistas are well aware that summer is the best time to flaunt the ‘rough and tough cowboy look’. And to make your desire satiated Clarks crafts this stunning grey men’s nubuck. Tanned in grey leather, the fore sole reveals a stone-grain texture, while the middle half is designed with a patch of tiny pores to ensure enough ventilation. And finally the sole, made up of EVA technology mirrors a suave smartness and assures soft cushiony impact at the same time.

  1. Pure 2 Tassel praline combi| women

Infusing classics under the backdrop of the contemporary trends–is the core tenet of Clarks in terse. The tassel praline combi for women adorns this probity all around its glam. Stitched in soft praline stretchable leather on the upper body supported by a sleek, anti-slope sole, the pair is equally compatible with a casual or professional day out. Moreover, the pointy tip fore sole, creamy chocolate tanning, and the existence of playful tussles silhouette its chic, sleek look. 

Other recommendations

Jenette Ease| metallic leather Available at $85
Wallabee Gore-TEX| Men Shop at $240
RaceLite Tor| Men Available at $110
Weaver men’s icon shoes Shop at $160
Atticus Edge dark brown| Men Available at $110
  1. Summer Boots| Top Exclusive
  2. Wallabee multicolor boot| men

Clark’s summer collection for men is equally variegated as women’s.  This Wallabee multicolor boot carries that adornment to the next level. The high collar boot is designed with soft jacquard textile that shows off with plumage of various shades of green with bright yellow suede alongside the ridge of the shoes. It is completely a sustainable product. So, get accompanied by this exclusive quirky pair for a casual day off. 

  1. Clarkdale hall beeswax leather| men

Men who are more affined with the kind of classic and urbane vogue even during summer, the high collar beeswax leather boot is the best recommendation for them. It’s completely tanned with a dark brown finishing along with a handy ankle loop that soots high the overall elegance and stitching aesthicity. Besides the targeted cushion plus footbed assures decent comfort throughout the day.

  1. Memi top dark brown suede| women

The Memi top dark brown suede is indeed a timeless creation. Not only the sleek, dark brown suede resembles traversing in the classic era but at the same time, the signature crafting, as well as the stitching style, remind you of the effect of the modern quo of flaunting. The heel of the boot showcases a low-profile cut that avails an impressive ground grip. You can pair it up with a skirt, midi, a long dress, or simply with bootcut denim.

Additional recommendations for summer boots

Morris UP| classic boots| Mens Available at $120
Desert boot| Men Shop at $150
Jamaica boot| Men| Icon boots Available $180
Wallabee cow print boot| women Shop at $240
Wallaby black rafia| women boots Available at $190


Summer slippers| Top picks

Slippers are that summer accessories for which the hoard can literally go crazy! Be it sliders, flip-flops, or sandals, the zeal for this footwear is just unsupplantable. Sensing people’s obsession with slippers, Clarks as well marshals some striking collections. Take a glance at these. 

  1. Bryan Madi tan slipper| women

The pair of this brown tan slipper for Bryan Madi is just sheer bliss! While the ultimate comfort footbed avails a soft feathery, and plush feeling under the foot, the buckle strap assures enough resistance potency. Moreover, the flat thick heels delicately provide extra support to the back.

  1. Breeza Sea Taupa| women

For a beachy gateway afar from your house, never miss being accompanied by this flip flop of Breeze. It is not just a perfect pick for summer but its overall lightweight and soft sole affirms a feathery feeling throughout walking.

  1. Brookleigh sun dark tan leather| women

If you’re an endeavor of a common slipper that goes compatible both for a casual and professional stake, this exclusive sandal will just be flawless for your grabs. Comes in handy in an ergonomic design, contoured footbed with pillowy sole above, and the buckle strap style turns it all season go footwear.

  1. Mira sunlight grey| women

This sandal cum slipper is undoubtedly a perfect choice for a sunny day out. The black and white combination adheres to a chich look and the soft, cushiony sole assures an enjoyable plush effect throughout your walk. Along with this, the stretchable straps provide extra resistance against any slippy effect, and so on.

  1. Jonty Craft tan slippers| men

The stylish, appealing brown slipper of Jonty Craft enables a smart and chic look that can be carried on any casual occasion. The slippers come in nubuck texture and toe-cut designs impinge its carefree glamour.

  1. Cobie Burch cinnamon| men

When you are too tired to carry forth a heavy, clumsy boot or loafers, do step ahead with this slipper from Cobie Burch without being hesitant. It embraces cool, decent looks that are compatible both in casual and professional spaces. Moreover, the suede knits provide sheer breathability.

So, these were some top recommendations for Clarks to cherish the summer vibe. All these footwear adorn a getup of a real chic look and the same time are overwhelmingly comfortable. So, get your feet slipping in any of these pairs and tamper the earth down your foot enjoying a cushiony effect.