Keeping the house clean and spotlessly clear is a dream of everyone. But the irony is, most often we lag with this specific household task due to jam-packed daily schedules, excessive work pressures, and so on. Honestly, who has extra time to keep the house away from nasty dirt and stains after 12 hours of work or similar hectic routines? To assort all such nuisances and keep the house immaculately clean Handy steps up. 

Since 2012, Handy has been serving the nation and various parts of the world with its exceptional team of professional cleaners who assures the users of 100% cleaning satisfaction and straining away even the tiniest dirt from the smallest alcove of the house. Unlike other cleaning companies, Handy is quite credible and already earned 4.5 starting ratings regarding the customer satisfaction. Moreover, it offers a flexible service booking through its exclusive app which takes less than a minute to affirm the booking, accomplish the task earliest or within 24hours and reschedule the cleaning as per flexible duration. Despite this, the charges claimed by Handy for all kinds of cleaning services are quite cheaper. 

Therefore, before confirming a cleaning service from Handy, if you are keen to drill out an in-depth overview of Handy and its working policies, go through the following discourse. It will hardly take some minutes to decipher details.


What kind of cleaning services does Handy provide?

Handy is mainly responsible for cleaning services that include home cleaning, workspace cleaning, and deep cleaning. The home cleaning is further divided into bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen space cleaning. However, despite the cleaning services, Handy is also teamed up with appliances installation and fixes, home renovation, and setting up several outdoor projects such as painting, lawn care, tree removal, dumpster cleaning, etc. 

How does Handy work?

Booking an appointment with Handy requires some lucid steps which can be decipherable even to a tech naive person. The steps are revealed below. 

  • Download the Handy app from the play store or Apk store
  • Register with apartment sizes, and location and set up a cleaning plan; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The setting needs one-time affirmation. The rest process will be rescheduled automatically.
  • Mention the kinds of cleaning you require along with numbers. For example, 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom.
  • Customize the date as per your own stake and complete the payment online.
  • Sit back and relax as the rest process will encircle automatically. And the team of vetted Handy professionals will visit your house as per the scheduled time. 

Take a glance at the booking confirmation from the following image

What does Handy enlist while cleaning?

As mentioned earlier that Handy imparts its cleaning services majorly into two parts; house cleaning and workspace cleaning, the details of inclusive tasks into each category is being scripted below.

  1. House cleaning checklist

The house cleaning service is further ramified into the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. One by one the details are uncovered. 


  1. Bedroom, living room, and common spaces

The tasks carried out by the vetted professionals for these spaces are

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling


  1. Bathroom

The cleaning of the bathroom encompasses a range of vibrant tasks, from detoxification of floors from rigid stains to raking out the garbage box for recycling. However, major tasks have been provided in a list format.

  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling


  1. Kitchen

Likewise, the bathroom, the kitchen space of individuals remain riffed with stains, dark spots, and oily patches upon the walls along with cooking appliances. Henceforth, Handy keeps its attention peeled upon the underneath tasks while in the process.

  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wipe down exterior of stove, oven, and fridge
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out garbage and recycling
  1. Extra/ deep cleaning (on special request)

Despite the above three types of cleaning, Handy also carries out some special kinds of sponging activities on special requests which generally fall under deep cleaning. These types of activities include wiping inside cabinets, inside fridge, inside oven, laundry wash & dry, interior windows.  However, do keep in mind that these types of extra cleaning activities take half an hour extra time to be commenced. 

The entire duration of cleaning varies depending on the room sizes and kinds of tasks to be implemented which are decided by Handy professionals on the site. Based on these facts, the overall charges do get fixed. 

  1. Office space cleaning

Just like the home, Handy does also dispense cleaning services for the official spaces over years. Here again, based on the office’s sizes and request tasks to be carried out, the final pricing gets done. Since all office spaces include kinds of arduous and vibrant works; from cleaning mirrors, bathroom walls to wiping floors and dusting off desks, and workstations, the charges are apparently higher. However, the list of perks associated with official space cleaning is as follows.

  • Performances are carried out by vetted and screened professionals
  • 24×7 friendly customer service
  • Flexible booking policy and agile cancellation
  • Assured as well as supported by Handy happiness guarantee
  • Affordable and upfront pricing


FAQs| Handy cleaning services

  1. Is Handy a reliable source to book cleaning services?
  2. Yes. Handy is an absolutely reliable source to claim any kind of cleaning services. Currently, it’s now operating in 9 USA cities and a total of 100 locations over the world.
  3. Can I skip or reschedule my booking at Handy?
  4. Yes, absolutely. Handy offers an agile platform for booking and rescheduling any operation at any point in time. Albeit, all its operations follow an auto-scheduled routine from the time of registration, yet, the benefactors have full right to re-customize their plan at their own convenience. 
  5. How much does Handy charge for cleaning services?
  6. It completely depends on the room sizes, total spaces, and kinds of performances to be carried out.
  7. How long does it take for Handy to complete one patch of cleaning?
  8. Again it depends upon the user’s requirements and overall room space.
  9. Does Handy charge against cancellation?
  10. It is subjective to select cleaning policies and terms which are equivalent to $99. Else, it’s free in most cases. 
  11. What should I do when my tenure on the Handy cleaning plan expires?
  12. Handy customizes its cleaning plans into three tenures; 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The facilitators can re-purchase any of these plans once it expires or take a pause for a certain time or cancel the subscription.


This is how Handy serves from door to door by providing the utmost user satisfaction. Hence, to witness the result in-person book an appointment with it and check the verdict. Stay in a crystal-clean house neither putting in personal effort nor denting pockets. Handy strives for the best service and rubs out all dirty stains from your house. Book an appointment now and enjoy the service.