Personalized Birthstone Necklace Gifting

Gifting birthstone jewellery— an omen or a smart move? Well, stop living amidst perplexion. It’s time to move ahead of the blasphemy! Although I know it really takes guts to uproot social orthodoxy, especially the sect close to religious rituals and thousand years old, nevertheless modern-age fellas thrive on dismantling it from the core of their hearts and society. Let’s take the example of the idea of birthstone gifting! Not very far from now it was still chided as a nasty practice stirred by the belief of showering ‘bad luck’. Luckily, renowned jewellery houses like Monica Vinader have picked bold steps to subjugate the embedded and irrelevant fear. As a result, discover why birthstone jewellery gifting aka personalized birthstone necklaces are sweeping people with aesthetic mindsets and transforming modern gifting traditions with light and positivity. 

Uprooting Blasphemy

Gifting birthstone jewellery definitely welcomes bad luck and this conviction is glued with society like ‘brick and mortar’ even today. However, with the prosperous profusion of science and technology, there is no relevance to carrying this social and psychic dullness ahead. After all, ‘celestial benevolence’ is a fact of belief. You keep your trust affixed to god and eternity but not on superstitions. Surprisingly, Gen-Z understands this. The result is quite visible through celebration and choosing birthstone necklaces as gifts over doctrines.

Straight Connection from Soul to Soul

When the sole purpose of gifting is merging with the soul no other items are as meticulous as ‘personalized gifts’. Be it a birthstone pick or anything similar, the whole concept splashes souls with splurging ecstasy. Therefore, fellas have constantly been found to affined with birthstone over others to light up their dear ones with soulful amicability and compassion.

Embracing The Touch of Personalization Everywhere

Conquering soul or heart whatever you say is not an easy affair. Mottled with edges of emotion, of memory, and love, of course, being ‘soul-touched’ or touching someone’s soul is a wholesome experience. Therefore, one of the key reasons people are leaning toward personalized birthstone gifts is that every aspect of the gift is folded with a bit of personal touch everywhere.

Zero Tension on ‘Selectivity’

This is a smart move indeed. Often it has been found that a chunky amount of time gets wasted on selecting the right gift, especially if you don’t know the person very well. The best way to cover this palpitation is just to seek their birth month and pick a personalised necklace from Monica Vinader.

Impressing with Uniqueness

Who isn’t keen to impress their loved ones with unique gifts? But choosing a ‘unique’ gift for the shake of ‘uniqueness’ is nothing but a riddle. So, once again Monica Vinader acts as a candid trouble settler. With its vast and eclectic collection of sentimental birthstone gifts, you have everything to unriddle your humdrum with witty tricks. 

Birthstone Jewellery According to Month – Must Verify Before Shopping

Now since the whole idea is to impress with birthstone gifts it’s paramount to ensure the birth month of the receiver with zero fallacy at first. Following this, you must have a crisp idea about each stone according to month along with the inherent meaning associated with. So, the following discourse may come at your help.

January – Garnet

Hued with lustrous blood-red crystal Garnet is the emblem of love, light, and conquer. Worn by ancient Roman warriors and medieval business trailblazers Garnet is supposed to shower abundance and prosperity while buttressing strong family bonding. 

February – Amethyst

Available in myriads of pristine hue and falling in the taxonomy of most beautiful quartz, Amethyst is believed to protect its birth children from any dismay, instead help them to augment wealth pile and reciprocation family life. However, at Monica Vinader you will find bright purple Amethyst at this time.

March – Aquamarine

Spearheaded by Sunsigns Pisces and Aeries, people born in March are known to be bold and of distinguished personalities. Thus, Aquamarine is chosen for their birthstone. Resembling the colour of water or aqua, the stone is as transparent as the water. Thereby, an impeccable catalyst to power grind the wearer with faith, fruitfulness and steadfast approaches. 

April – Diamond 

There is no need for an explanation of what diamond brims when worn. Therefore, like its transparent elegance diamonds are supposed to bestow clarity and honesty. As a cumulative impact of it, both personal and professional lives shine with opulence.

May – Emerald 

Emerald is seeded with the belief of hope, prosperity, and good fortune. Thus, like its opulent green lustre, wearing Emerald is presumed to offer a strong and passionate family bonding with wisdom and patience. 

June – Moonstone

June is the month of Gemini, the social birds who are known for their intellect yet fickle personalities. However, there are three birthstones recommended for this month. Moonstone, Pearl, and Alexandrite. Each reveals uniqueness keeping parity with the main intent adhesive to the month; purity, inner beauty, and honesty. So, wearing any of the three above is supposed to confer the impact.

July – Ruby

Referring as an ore of sacred power and incumbent strength, Ruby is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Founded in Asian territories and worn by ancient Hindu rulers, Ruby is supposed to have overpowering strength and conquering spirits. 

August – Peridot

The yellow-green birthstone that Peridot shares an interesting history with ancient Egyptian monarchies in concatenation to the Sun and bearer of protection. In Hawaiian mythological verse, Peridot was taken as a toll of Goddess Pele (Goddess of volcanoes and fire) its filtered yellowish-green hue. In short, wearing a Peridot is supposed to protect from malevolence hooded with power, harmony, and wealth. 

September – Sapphire

Sapphire is an indicator of wisdom, loyalty and faithfulness. Therefore, the wearer would be fostered with harmony in life while maintaining symphonies of peace all around. In brief, Sapphire helps to erase negativity, troubles and replete life with full of positive thoughts.

October – Tourmaline

Featuring 3 sides prismatic formation, the reflective pink crystal i.e. Tourmaline is believed to hedge self-love, tolerance and compassion. Thus, even amidst distress and social cacaphonies, with Tourmaline wearer may be seen to remain calm despite the turmoils.

November – Citrine

Critine showers happiness and alacrity, that’s what people believe. Therefore, wearing Citrine is believed to be drenched by the impact of unoppressive optimism, and joyfulness even when the wearer undergoes a restless situation surrounded by. 

December – Turquoise 

Lastly, December is suggested with two birthstones; Turquoise and Tanzanite. Monica Vinader stocks Turquoise as of now. Featuring endless harmony and peace, both are supposed to stimulate optimism and willpower in any kind of insinuating situation.

With the suggestions above along with the revelation of the inherent meaning of birthstones as per months, I’m pretty sure that next time you certainly bear the idea of gifting birthstones in your custody, if not yet. Knock at Monica Vinader’s door for an impeccable grab anytime you wish. Happy shopping.