Authentic, outdoor, high-value products for active consumers of all ages.

Summer has onset. The bohemian wind from the Pacific and snow-breaking breeze from the North Sea remind it throughout the day. So, it’s time to put mustards down to your sole and be ready to relish your wanderlust! 

Here comes another concern! Before you take the leap away from your home, check the backpack again and verify whether all outdoor essentials are being stuffed inside or not! In case you’re lacking something, instead of being ignorant, head inside the Columbia, the shoppers’ favorite stop for outdoor essentials. From apparel to footwear to equipment, you’ll witness a colossal of paraphernalia for variant outdoor necessities. The best part is, that the store marshals its products as per the genre of active sports; hiking, fishing, hunting, and so on. So, to trim your effort you can simply peek inside any section and bag the one you require.

Top high-value outdoor products for all ages

Zeal for itineraries is devoid of any age bar. From 8 to 80, everyone can put themselves into it at their own stake. Thereby, below, a list of top Columbia recommendations as per the sports is being unjotted which is usable by all ages too. 


Counting miles after miles into a dense forest, a hilly track, or a snowy barren land on highland would be truly menacing, if you overboard with the essentiality of hiking accessories. Thus, to be prudent beforehand, you can always consider the following items which are season-friendly. 

  1. Men’s escape thrive endure shoe

One of the best choices for a long course of difficult hiking. The notable feature of the shoe is its midfoot lockdown system and exceptional tractional grips. The upper body of the shoe is 3D mesh weaved with a high ankle collar and laces to provide extra heel support. The entire sole shows off with an undulated configuration and blocky tractional studs which deter slipping off while slopping up. Lastly, the soft and light-weight rubber sole absorbs redundant body friction and avails a comfy plush effect all day long. 

  1. Men’s aerial ascender Anorak

If you’ve set an upcoming plan for highland trekking, bagging this exclusive highland jacket-trouser combo would be a great choice. Designed with a fascinating royal and navy blue, the apparel of Anorak is perfect for high-altitude trekking. While the outer layer is tailored with breathable and waterproof material, the inner layer is thermal reflective. Apart from this, the jacket is adjustable with a drawcord and helmet-compatible hood. The available sizes for the piece range between S and XXL.

  1. Women’s Newton plus waterproof hiking boots

The waterproof women’s hiking boot of Newton is a meticulous grab for passionate trekkers. Compatible for all seasons, the major configuration of the boot is being imparted in 3 sections; a high collar upper body with a breathable outer layer and a cushiony inner layer, and a robust rubber-made sole followed by Techlight technology and blocky rubber studs for extra grips. Whether summer or winter, the boot is perfect for all seasons.

  1. Women’s plash a II little jacket

Designed in plum fluorescent the long-length jacket is an astounding grab for a rainy day hike. The breathable Omni Tech made out layer restrains water absorption while the inner layer has more security jackets. Additionally, there is one storm hood attached to the collar.

Other recommendations for hiking

  • Men’s field ROC Decoy jacket| $99.98
  • Men’s hyper boreal metro boot| from $79.98
  • Women’s trail storm mid waterproof boot| $150
  • Women’s sun trek long sleeve t-shirt| $49.99



Be it a small groove nearby or a dense deciduous forest, the thrill of hunting whether you can really catch prey or just roaming inside the Jungle is indeed rip-roaring. Therefore, before riding your Jeep for the weekend hunting trip, ensure to be donned with proper camouflage clothes. You know the reason. However, in case you’re on a quest for a new purchase, do give it try the following ones.

  1. Men’s PHG Blood and Guts shooting shirts 

The blood and guts shirt resembles a complete field dressing outlook. Bleached in olive brown with a poach of orange, the shirt is perfect for putting on prior to a hunting trip. It is stain proof and machine knitted with an extra layer to veil shirking sunn ray. A shopper will also be given multiple sizes trials. 

  1. Men’s PHG Gallatin wool jacket

Made from recycled wool and refabricated fibers, the durable camo jacket is another good choice to obfuscate animals while in the forest. On the other side, it has a separate section of detachable hoods and is tailored with large pockets to carry essentials.

  1. Men’s PHG Ptarmigan pants

Blended in brown and off-white this cotton slim fit pant is stain resistant, made up of breathable fabric. Henceforth, certitudely recommended for hunting purposes. 

Other recommendations for hunting

  • PHG mesh ball cap| $17.98
  • Men’s PHG sharptail flainer| $29.98
  • Men’s PHG roughtail jacket| $69.98



Your cute old father may hanker for a mid-ocean summer fishing in the Atlantic for a long time. It’s time to entertain his desires. Traverse through the following accessories and bag a few of them at minimum spending.

  1. Men’s PFG Bahama short sleeve shirt

Indeed busted with ocean color throughout, the short sleeve nylon shirt is apt to waft a fresh vibe among all ages right after donning. It carries two large chest pockets and has a mesh-lined vent on the back shoulder that absorbs UV rays, and sweat and enhances overall ventilation.

  1. Men’s PFG bib pants

This bib pant is specially designed to unveil maximum comfort while standing on a boat deck for hours. It releases enough breathability and is weaved with solemnly waterproof fabric. 

Other top recommendations for fishing

  • Men’s PFG terminal tackle shorts| $64.99
  • Men’s PFG ice long sleeve shirt| $74.99
  • Women’s PFG short sleeve Polo| $49.99
  • Women PFG freezer plus size dress| $69.99


Skiing And Snowboarding

Summer is the best time for snowboarding and skiing. Hence, if your soul does bubble to partake in such adventure activities, you should be geared up well with all requirements. In the following, a combined list is being comprised for both men and women. You may lend help from it if requires. 

  • Men’s Bugaboot celsius plus infinity boot| $139.98
  • Women’s Abbott pick insulated jacket plus size| $113.39
  • Women’s mount Si infinity parka| $238.98
  • Men’s Cloverdale interchange jacket| $134.98
  • Infant Mighty Mogul insulated set| $89.98


Why Columbia can be your perfect companion for outdoor trips?

You may definitely be skeptical about the question. Well, to replenish all your confusion, some answers have been provided below. Take a glance at these.

  • Since 1938, the company has restively been making sportswear and eventually get crowned as one of the great manufacturers of quality sports goods.
  • It adopts an environmental sustainability approach and uses recycled elements duly manufacturing its products
  • Over years the store has come out popular for budget sustainability and product vibrancy.
  • It provides doorstep free delivery for all online orders


Hence, that was a comprehensive compilation of superior outdoor products for all ages. Let’s hope, you find the article helpful and make it used generously whenever required. Enjoy your next trek!