If you can’t adapt yourself to the changing notions of time, get ready for the farewell—that’s what is the pith of the entire living kingdom. Be it for the animal world, the human world, or the Anthropocene world like fashion, every premise does agree with this systematic network.

Being adaptive to the statement above, opulent fashion house, ASOS has made a renaissance in fashion technologies by introducing Circular Design—a time-winning creation, craftsmanship, and a cult in the fashion world. 

Now, it’s no wonder if you are curious about Circular Design and what is it about. For, it’s indeed a new adaptive technology. The focal point of it is to recreate and renovate 90’s style, using recycled and sustainable products. Simply, transforming the fashion quos with futuristic technology and imbuing it with sustainable approaches is what Circular Design strives for. Therefore, from stitching technology or fabrication to color bleaches, ASOS Circular Design is a masterpiece in the world of fashion and fashion technology. 

ASOS Circular Design: What is it about?


Circular Design is that creation that focuses on future circular economy and crafts an eco-friendly fashion practice. As per global data, it’s found that every year 5 million waste comes out only from the fashion industry. Hence, the main oath of Circular Design is to encourage more and more recycled, and enduring fabrics and mitigate waste. The whole concept keeps its eyes peeled on several aspects which are

  • Choice of materials (fabrics in use and to be used)
  • Testing and verification of induced technology 
  • More and more incorporation of digital design to reduce tailoring wastes
  • Adding a new silver line to the 90s and retro fashion in terms of color

Circular Design: Prime focus

Over the last two to three years, the fashion industry is making strident pitches in support of sustainable fashion design. And the germination of Circular Design lands first based on this basis in 2018. After being successful with the pilot projects encircling the central focus of Circular Design technology, it has now taken the bigger leap. Hence, the central objectives of Circular Design are as follows.

1. Use of recycled materials

Since the main imperative of Circular Design is to discard environmental waste and encourage futuristic design, a significant percentage; almost 50% of fabrication is of recycled materials. These are mainly cotton, polyester, plastic, and zinc which are easy to reprocess and of no side effects.

2. Creating innovative fabrics and technology

Another important feature of Circular Design is its affinity for composing new designs and fabrication technology. Often it results in a hybrid fabrication. Till today, it has created 2 such fabrics; 1. Texloop/ RCOT– an alternative to cotton that uses 50% organic cotton, and 50% recycled cotton, 2. TENCEL x REFIBRA– made up of partially recycled fabrics and original silk.

3. Reducing wastage to make it nill

Circular Design solemnly supports deprecating wastes to make it nill. That’s why it uses a 3D design and tailoring technology in the process of knitting and stitching. This practice has successfully resulted in a 15% waste reduction. Along with this, it also mitigates excessive usage of water during bleaching and product finishing.

4. Expanding versatility 

It expands the horizon by incorporating futuristic color, infusion of retro style with contemporary trends, bolstering street look, and dismantling social dogma about color selection, gender, and sizes. It has a vast array of curvey clothes.

5. Adaptive to mono-material fabrication

Since heterogeneous fabrics are difficult to recycle and reprocess, Circular Design supports mono-fabrication. 98% of its threads are of one genre; either cotton or polyester, etc. Rest 2% is satin drawcords, metal hooks, straps, etc which are used to boost the inherent style and glam of the apparel.

6. Encouragement to remanufacturing and enhancing sustainability

It talks about remanufacturing of the dresses, and apparel that got faded and torn after prolonged uses.

Circular Design| Women’s collection| Quick glimpse

ASOS women’s closet of Circular Collection showcases the 90’s retro style with sheer glam and spark. The main inclusion of the galore is spread among skirts, shirts, blouses, jeans, scarves, tops, jumpsuits, and more. There a wide size scale is auto-affixed with the closet which is available from skinny to curvy clothes. The price range starts as low as 50 SEK and scales up to 940 SEK. a flexible and secured payment policy is bouned to the transaction policy. And free delivery is available on all orders.

Circular Design for Women| Top Picks


ASOS Circular Design For Men| Trending items

The galore of men is jam-packed with ranges of streetside looks apparel. This includes color-blocked shirts, floral prints, grunge jewelry, shoes, shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and many more. The base price of embedded products starts as low as 85 SEK. One product can be shopped multiple times at up to a 70% discount. The new users will exclusively be facilitated with an extra 20% discount against the promo code HITHERE. Product clubbing is allowed here.

 Circular Design for Men| Top Picks


So, turn and twist your conventional ideology of fashion with ASOS Circular Design and embark on your day with any of its exclusive picks. Don’t worry about the budget. You’ll be treated decently with your wallet and affordability. Enjoy your day!