Basketball players, good news for you! Amp up your sport’s fervor with the latest Air Jordan Retro collection decked up by DTLR. Therefore, jerk off your boredom and get yourself trained with better swift movements with these excellent Air Jordan basketball pairs. 

When it comes to reviewing a pair of Nike Air Jordan in terms of quality and performance, the answers quintessentially knot with impressive positive feedback. In fact, starting from fitting, and comfort to adhesive manufacturing technologies, any pair from Air Jordan shatters all borders of mediocrity. The new launches take its excellence to the next level. Keeping the quality intact each pair is marvelously ingested with lurking bright retro colors that propel a fresh and energetic feeling throughout the whole course of playing. 

Based on these facts, we’ve shortlisted the top 7 Air Jordan retro pairs from DTLR that will indeed lure your heart within a second and push you for an immediate grab. So, it’s time to blow a duststorm inside the basketball court and hypnotize your fellow players with startling new moves with these brand-new retro pairs. Hurry up, guys! Find the pairs.

Top 7 Air Jordan Retro Pairs From DTLR: Find The Latest Models

The desk of Dtlr Air Jordan Retro is filled with countless pairs of intriguing features and distinctiveness. Some are engulfed in qualities others divulge immersive potencies, while some can also be used as brilliant fashion staples, and so on. Encompassing all these aspects, we’ve handpicked the top 7 pairs. Let’s uncover the list. 

Air Jordan 1| Retro High OG ‘Game Royal And Varsity Maze’

The color block ‘Game Royal And Varsity Maze’ of Nike Air Jordan 1 is an exceptional creation by Michael Jordan to show earnest homage to his high-school alma mater. Patched with bright yellow and electric blue, the pair is absolutely flawless in taking you back to your golden university days. Not just for ex-graduates but for aspiring girls as well, the pair is a brilliant choice all the time.

With a flat-base rubber sole and traditional lace-up styles, the shoe mimics exactly the design that we think of a basketball shoe. Tanned from premium leather the shoe is additionally associated with reinforced stitching. Additionally, the high-ankle padded collar with a padded tongue affirms extra protection duly in the play simultaneously supporting better ventilation. Lastly, the swoosh overlays of Nike and the wings logo stamp enhance the overall glam on the shoe like magic.

Air Jordan 2| Retro Craft

Air Jordan 2 Retro ‘Craft’ is another majestic creation to waft women’s minds with avid zeal, especially for those who are affined for high-impact basketball pairs available in soothing colors. Dipped with a gentle Ivory tone as the base color, the Retro ‘Craft’ is indeed crafty to dilute three different shades together and reflect an elegant contrastive silhouette. With a faux-reptile leather overlay, the shoe is accessorized with a line of tiny holes around the entire edge line and an overall perforated design to bolster maximum breathing. The traditional lace-up designs with alternative lacing points and ankle-supportive high collars maximize protection against the most complicated movements. With this, the soft rubber sole with TPU heel counter gives the highest crushing feeling in the midst of dribbling and cross-court movements. 

Air Jordan 4| Retro ‘French Blue’ Grade School

The ‘French Blue’ of Air Jordan is like a catalyst that glazes your kids’ affinity for basketball and lets them play and move all corners of the court relentlessly. Overlaying three different materials; leather, suede, and mesh, at various places the pair not only underpins seamless comfort but at the same time waves out a genuine visual impact. Besides the configuration of the body, the adhesive sole technology is equally overwhelming. Cut from high-quality ultralight rubber, the entire sole caters to two distinct modulations around the outsole and midsole. Outsole is thickly stitched with rubber pads that untie an utmost dribbling feeling while the midsole has a perforated base to balance body mass with the surface even at the highest speed. Lastly, the layer of visible air unit avails smooth and effective ventilation throughout the course of donning.

Air Jordan 6| Retro ‘Cool Grey’

‘Cool Grey’ of Air Jordan 6 is one of the most startling launches of Air Jordan which literally has soared hypnotic craze right after being decked up. Patched up with a combination of cool grey suede and white leather layer the shoe truly comes with a flattering look. Not just this, the traditional lace-up design has been juxtaposed with an ultra-modern style which is further merged with chich and enduring strappy ankle collars. The sole is completely made up of rubber and plushy foam with numerous visible air units which together support immense grip and comfort.

Air Jordan 7| Retro Se ‘Black Olive’

Retro Se ‘Black Olive’ is a masterpiece when it comes to composing an awestruck basketball silhouette. Inspired by a typical African ‘camouflage’ print, the pair aptly blends three colors on the outlay; for example, dark black patches around the toe and laces, patches of earth brown or khaki in various outlay pockets and padded shoe collars in golden brown. Besides the fascinating color combinations, the sole does also replicate sparkling potency at the same time. With a rubber outsole and foamy midsole, the sole not only provides immense foot support but also corroborates any type of movement; back-forth, side-by-side or anything loved by the player.

Air Jordan 11| Retro Low ‘Cement Grey’

Unlike other Air Jordan pairs, ‘Cement Grey’ exhibits a bit of a casual look. Even being a basketball shoe, the pair is designed with a low-ankle coverage and comes with a meshy outer body. Rest features are quite analogous to other trending basketball pairs. For example, the sole has been designed to incorporate an equal percentage of rubber and foam. While the outsole is made up of semi-translucent rubber, the midsole is chiseled from foam bases with a separate carbon-sank plate. The topmost section of the upper body is knitted from high-quality mesh while the down most part is patched up with patent leather. In one sentence, this particular pair signifies much more qualities than just being a regular basketball shoe.

Air Jordan 13| Retro ‘Playoffs’

Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro ‘Playoffs’ ignites two abstract features into one with sheer dexterity. Flaunting a genuine quirky look the pair surpasses all alcoves of mediocrity in terms of quality and performance. Henceforth, has been acclaimed as the best creation of Air Jordan in contemporary days. While the upper body is tumbled with genuine leather and suede panels around the sideways, the rubber-cut sole shows off curvy cuts tinged with hilarious color painting. Besides the holographic cat-eye emblem on one side of each pair and the Jumpman branding on the padded ankle collars make the pair look more iconic with a signature silhouette. 

Exclusive Features Of DTLR’s Air Jordan Retro Pairs

When it comes to exploring an athletic brand with premium basketball shoe collections, Air Jordan puts its hands up in a spontaneous effort. Be it for women, men or kids, each of its basketball shoes proves an intriguing quality beyond imagination. The most striking factor is, every single pair of Air Jordan makes a crafty fusion between colors and quality. In short, Air Jordan devotes its whole heart to designing superior quality basketball shoes and thus has made a legacy in branding the most-effective and best-fit pairs today. Below we’ve enlisted a few points that highlight all-inclusive factors in proving why Air Jordan is better than other brands.

Excellent Quality: Each pair of Air Jordan is beyond good. From sole to body, each part is adhesive to authentic material incorporation and further supported by avant-garde knitting technology. Mostly leather, suede, and mesh are used to build the outer lay while rubber and foam are used to make the sole. Besides genuine material, each shoe bears a significant percentage of recycled material as well.

Promising Fitting: Air Jordan does not boast about fitting and quality. In fact, every single pair promises maximum fitting and flexibility regardless of age and gender.

Brilliant Comfort: Air Jordan never steps back assuring the utmost comfort to each of its pair. That’s why the soles of each pair have been specially designed with air vents. Apart from this, the outer body is also dented with special air holes such as around lace lines, sideways, etc. together these factors maximize the feeling of breathability throughout donning. 

Wide Range Of Options: Air Jordan is all about colors and being lured by color mania. Besides retro, the same trend is observed in other Air Jordan pairs as well. Thus, regular shoppers are given a wide range of color options

Other Perks: These unfold vibrant traits and facilities. For example:

This was a precise glimpse of DTLR’s latest launch of Air Jordan Retro. Let’s assume you’ve found the information informative and engaging. Therefore, don’t procrastinate more if you are genuinely thriving to amp up your basketball skills. These pairs would come to your help. So, show your best moves! Happy playing.