How do you define ‘fashion’ in one sentence? Do you have any good answers? Well, relax About You is here with the best reply. Fashion is representing ‘the core of you’ without pretending or impersonating. Thus, fashion is exposing yourself the way you are. That’s what About You declares and henceforth, emboldens the significance through embracing every single individual identity. 

However, this summer Abou You is exclusively affined with the versatile draping of summer dresses and the adhesive heterogeneous styles. Floral, printed, ruffled, slit cut, knitted, and many more. However, we’ve picked the 4 best styles out of all that are whirling in the highest demand. Know and grab the one suit you marvelously and let your summer be buoyed with serene vogue experiences.

About You Summer Dresses| 4 Best Style Trends 

Dresses are nothing but love throughout the whole course of summer. Spending a whole day donning a long-length dress or shorter one, knitted with soft, viscose fabrics and bleached with very soft hues and prints— nothing can be more blissful than this feeling. Therefore, to nurture this feathery feeling and escalate your fanatics for dresses, About You caters to 4 special types that make your whole summer worthy. So, let’s uncover this one by one.

1. Maxi dress and floral mania

Maxi without floral prints— unimaginable right? Henceforth, you will be overwhelmed with joy and inexplicable expressions once peek inside the closet of maxi dresses at About You. Exhibited with countless floral prints dyed with intensive hues– of those blue, green. Purple, lavender, and vice-versa, there is no need to expelling your happiness in other ways if you stuff your cupboard with some entangling maxi dresses from the store. Despite floral hues, other prominent prints are polka dots, color blocks, and even the mono-hue note. 

Not just this much, the vibrancy is equally notable in designs also. In fact, all the marshaled dresses overt about welcoming myriads of cuts and designs cutting through brilliant infusions between classic and contemporary cultures. That’s why it won’t be surprising if you notice, that a puffed sleeve design pairs up well with a slit cut hemline or halter neck design infuses with a three-layered ruched design, and vice-versa. In one word, there is a plunge of variations found in this closet that mix and match or pair up with each other without any hesitation. On average, these have started pricing onwards from 27.90 EUR.

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2. Midi dresses

Midi dresses play an intensive integral role to bloom your summer wardrobe with sheer ecstasy. The inseam length generally ends right after the knees. However, these dresses as well undergo marvelous experimentations and cuts. For example, while on one side, there is a decent pile of bodycon, oversized shirt dresses other sides layered dresses, chiffon dresses followed by embroidery cuts are dominantly prevalent. The same kind of heterogeneity is overtly notable in adhered designs also. Puffed, simple, knitted, ribbed, viscose, transparent, and so on are some of the most high-demand designs at this spell. Hence, with a vow to cherish your summer weekend in the midst of a rolling meadow or pale beach, afar from your house, go and try a midi from About You without keeping any confusion in your mind.

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3. Mini dresses

It’s okay not to be found happy with all those long maxi and midi dresses in summer. In fact, there is no hard-and-fast rule to believe that summer dresses mean to be long viscose dresses all the time. There is much more beyond this belief. And mini dresses are obviously one of the outcomes against this thought. Thus while traversing the mini dresses section at About You, you’ll come across non-depletable styles and variations geared up with immense cuts, colors, and variations of fabrications. Stitched from cotton, linen, spandex, or mixed threads, any piece from the store is a meticulous choice to vain with your shape and curves. Get ready to spend only 29.90 EUR to bag a brilliant pair.

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4. Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses are recent additions at About You. However, the stratling factor is right after its debut girls just go crazy to bag a pair. These mainly come in bodycon fitting followed by opened neck designs string-attached with thin halters. In terms of length, long, midi, and mini all variations are being infused to these. However, these are handy onwards from 29.99 EUR.

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This was the crux of 4 dress trends that are bubbling up with swirling hypes. So, step down to About You and bag some pairs as per personal stakes. On a cautionary note, you don’t need to worry about the delivery cost, it’s completely free and bound with a 100-day free return. Henceforth, cheers to your summer flaunt and embark a fresh beginning right away. Enjoy and compose a distinct silhouette.