Life is all good with a sumptuous platter, tossed with juicy, delicious loadings and a rich glass of drink! Won’t you think so?… 

However, while a palatable dish works like a mood booster, matching serving sets also play a crucial role to drag everyone’s attention to the table. After all, food is not just for devouring rather the whole course of a feast is most cherishable when there is a beautiful blend between taste and garnish overviewed. And Sur la table has subsumed the very basic fact since the time of its origin.

Being intact with the assertion of taking the practice of munching to the level of aristocracy Sur la table keeps modulating its culinary paradise from time to time when season plays a focal role in the backdrop. Thus this summer as well, there is no change to this strategy. However, a total of 5 dining and serving trends have been significantly embraced for this season. Let’s explore these one by one and land up with the best ideas. Here we start!…

1. Meet Sur La Table Chateau

A sip, from a glass of rich wine, is what called— sheer heaven! Where your tastebuds will experience some heavenly feeling at one time and eyes get automatically closed. And to ascend this particular epicurean aesthetics to one step up, your drinking should be apt. For, a tall, sleek wine glass is more than just a container. Therefore, to sugarcoat your drinking fascination with extra glam Sur la table debut the Chateau series where your glass speaks for your taste.

Being completely resistant and scratch-proof and dishwasher safe at the same time, the Chateau series wine glasses are not only just made up of crystal clear reflective glass lids but intriguingly solute vibrant layers as well as textures of the contained liquid inside. Presently, a total of 6 wine glasses are marshaled at the display that is handy between $10 to $12.

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2. Farmers Market Picks

A gourmet’s success encircles not just around fresh farm-picked veggies, herbs, and meats but some other important paraphernalia where kitchen accessories hype the highest demand. The good news is Sur la table rosters out a new aisle of kitchen accessories and equipment that will stun you in a second’s fraction. So, let’s have a quick glance at what the deck keeps special.

Knives sets and cutting boards

Sur la table is exclusively laudable for its brilliant collection of kitchen knives and cutting boards. All are displayed in countless varieties and are handy at cheap prices. While chopping boards are made up of 100% moist-soaking wood, knives are chiseled from high-carbon stainless steel and corrosion-resistant.

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Fruits and vegetable tools

The heterogeneity of this section is most versatile and variegated. From a lemon squeezer to a salad spinner to a vegetable slicer or a potato prep, it’s indeed hard not to find a tool you’re looking for. The best part is, that these can be purchased just with your pocket money.

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Staub tomato cocotte

If your fascination shares a greater intensity with tomato cocotte, Sur la table unties a beautiful offer for you through marshaling a vast series of cocotte of Staub. All these serving bowls are given arrays of designs and shapes such as tomato, boxy, oval, etc. on average these are handy onwards at $49.95.

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3. Serves Up Summer| Sur La Table Bistro Dinnerwear Set

The bounty white bistro dinner and serving wear are meticulous to speak for the season and the rapturous vibe all around. Henceforth, inside Sur la table you will notice an overwhelming assortment of crafty dinner and serving wear in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Plates, bowls, soccer, cups, and even outdoor umbrellas followed by some flashy tropical print table wear and tablemats can mesmerizingly spice up your summer dining experience that can be blissfully reminisced on a fine afternoon once the season surpasses. 

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4. Summer Bakewear| Containers, measuring cups, and more

A breezy, gentle summer weekend without munching those creamy, fluffy, cheesy pies or muffins—unimaginable right? Thus, Sur la table makes a grand entry in order to turn your sunny day off into a jovial, and experimental day of baking. Relax, you won’t fail if accompanied by the right baking accessories and container. 

However, to slump down your task Sur la table veils out its closet of summer bakeware that truly will scale up your baking craftsmanship in a minimal time span even if you are naive. The galore is well embellished with vertices of mixers, diffusers, blenders, baking pans, spatula, measuring cups, and so forth. All these are accessible under pocket budgets, and some select items are open to the ongoing 65% off grand sale.

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5. Stay Frosty| Ice Cream Making Accessories

A major part of summer fun goes fetish if skipped with ice creams and cold beverages. And Sur la table tries its best to transform your frozen retreat into a delightful one. Therefore, from ice cream-making cups to preparation bowls to sundry bottles of syrups and flavors you will find whatever your taste buds seek just by giving a casual traverse. These portray a candid appearance as well on the other hand. On average, any product from this sect starts onwards from $5.

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This was a quick overview of the 5 active trends at Sur La Table in a nutshell. Go for a thorough reading in case you need to acknowledge yourself with a bit deeper information. Don’t let the summer pass as boring and dull. Because remember the season comes once a year. Therefore, go indulge as much as you can. Enjoy your day!