The 2023 Oscar Awards just surpassed leaving its’ magnificent spell humming to the world. Being the most prestigious ceremony with the highest accolade in the field of media and entertainment while celebs flocked to the Dolby Theatre at thrumming impulse, the ceremony sets an equal throb to the designers for presenting transcendental designs and outfits. 

While Prada, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Tony Word Couture, Moschino, and lots of preeminent fashion brands made a preternatural appearance through celebs’ designary outfits, we’ve spotted 5 best-dressed celebs elegantly carrying Prada with august silhouette. The names are revealed below.

Hong Chau

Nominated for the role of best-supporting actress, Hong Chau glimmered the theatre with an eye-soothing pink satin gown with floor-sweeping embellished fringe in black resembling a peacock’s tail which beautifully made a contrastive silhouette. Accompanied by matching jewelry from Mikimoto, Hong Chau won critiques’ souls in a second.

Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed had been caught in the lenses with dark a black single-breasted wool-and-mohair suit underlain by a pink chest-opened shirt detailed with wide khaki poplin collars and black brushed leather derby shoes. A tough look in a nimble-soft gesture convinced adulators for a repetitive gaze on the night.  

Lukas Dhont

Nominated for the best international feature film direction in ‘Close’ Lukas Dhont choose complete black from Prada classic. Wearing a black panama mohair tuxedo over a black poplin shirt and a red cotton turtleneck underneath, Lukas Dhont blew the theatre in ultimate vanity fever!

Alice Rohrwacher

Alice Rohrwacher devoted her attention to red and sequin to create an exceptional entry. Awarded for the best short film ‘Le Pupille’ Alice Rohrwarcher appeared on the stage with a cherry-red long sequin gown from Prada designed with a symmetrical one-side slit cut, patent red leather belt and black satin sandals.

Martin McDonagh

Bagging multiple awards as the Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay for The Banshees of Inisherin, Martin McDonagh hit the floor with super-flaunting manhood. Wearing a black single-breasted-mohair suit over a black poplin shirt, a black tie and black Oxford boots, Martin McDonagh redefined fashion with a genuine personalized touch. 

These were 5 top-dressed celebrities who have found gladly wearing Prada. There are many other stars as well. However, we’ve identified their sense of flamboyance overrode others’ without putting much effort.