1. Black Blazer

A nice structured blazer works like a charm on any outfit. Honestly, I wear a blazer with a tee and shorts as well. I do, however, recommend buying a fitted longer one before investing in a cropped and oversized style. Layering is essentially the easiest way to make your clothes look more expensive and a nice way to shield yourself from that office air-condition. A key piece of information to keep in mind when buying a blazer is to make sure there’s enough room under the shoulders and arm to be able to layer over other items. And that the sleeves should be no longer than your wrists and can be rolled up to your elbows with ease.

2. Loose Open Cardigan

A classic item that often gets overlooked. A light cardigan will help you at the movies, on a windy night and while it serves a multitude of purposes it totally makes your outfits way cuter. I’m just saying layering is the law of life. Pick from different lengths to styles, colours and textures. There’s no basic must-have cardigan style except that you should own several of these.

3. White Shirt

You just can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt. Tuck it in, leave it out, layer with it, wear an oversized shirt with a belt and make it look like a dress. There’s no wrong way to pair this perennial must-have. It’s a comfortable piece of clothing to own and is multifunctional and is quick to absorb that armpit sweat as well. I love wearing a statement necklace right under the collar. Looks so chic!

4. Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are great for office-wear but have you seen how they look when worn casually? Buy them in solid colours, textures and prints eventually. Pair it with tank tops or shirts depending on the occasion.

5. Denim Jacket

Can I tell ya’ll how much I love this particular item of clothing? I wear it through the year every chance I get until and unless it is super hot outside. Start by buying a structured version at first before moving onto an oversized one that seems to be currently on-trend. Style it with a summer dress or a basic tee for that perfect outfit upgrade.

6. Boot-cut Jeans

Who doesn’t need a pair of jeans that fits and feels like second-skin? These jeans always come back in style and look great for casual days at work, or when paired with body-suits, blazers, denim jackets and boots. They look great with shirts and sweatshirts as well. The reason I say you need to own boot-cut jeans is that these pants make you look taller and more shapely.

7. Black Trousers

A nice pair of black trousers is definitely another wardrobe must-have. It’s simple and elegant and not only slims the body but also elongates it. Pair with a shirt or a blouse for work and if you’re going to a party then a nice sequined top with heels will do the trick. The first pair to own however is one that fits loosely throughout the thigh, and flares out slightly around the bottom.

8. Little Black Dress

This particular item seems to have evaded me, even though black is all I wear I haven’t been able to find a little black dress that I must own and can’t live without. I do have the usual t-shirt dresses and so on, but not anything that I can categorise as a class 1 must-have item. That being said, find a black dress that fits you like a glove, that feels like a no-brainer on nights when you don’t care about being dressed up. But you know you’ll look like a million bucks anyway, because of how chic the dress is. Pick a short one or a long one the options are endless. There’s no rule book to owning the perfect black dress

9. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket has got to be one of the more crucial must-have wardrobe basics known to women. I love how bad-ass it makes any outfit look. And how dressed up but subtly causal it makes you look. It is, of course, one of the edgier wardrobe staples to own, and you won’t regret buying it.

10. Wrap Dress

This silhouette is sort of a magical one and just seamlessly sort of works on all body types. Dress it up with a pair of pumps or dress down with a pair of sneakers.

11. Denim Shorts

I mean do I even need to explain why I think this is a must-have wardrobe basic? It’s simple, works with everything and anything and definitely a must-have when you’re going on vacation.

12. Tank Tops

I love using these with layers and given how warm it gets I don’t like wearing full sleeve tops and this serves as a great substitute. Wear them with cardigans, blazers, denim jackets etc and circulate between different kinds of bottoms, because this item works with EVERYTHING!

13. Skinny Jeans

I don’t think anything beats owning a pair of skinny jeans. I tend to wear them to work and even go out to a party or dine in them. This item is super versatile and works on any body type and is definitely a must-have wardrobe basic. Just make sure to find one with a great fit. You can also choose denim that isn’t as tapering—straight fit jeans are all the rage and can even be cuffed on the bottom to amp up the style quotient of your whole ensemble.