The great Irish event is approaching soon! I mean, there are only a few days left before March 17 to head in! Wait, still not clear about the day I’m talking about! It’s St. Patrick’s Day! So, with numerous at-home ventures, you may also have planned some quirky and fun activities for the kids as well, especially, since chances intend to be intensely higher if you are a teacher. Henceforth, understanding the consequences of the situation we’ve unknotted 10 fun classroom activities on St. Patrick’s Day that students regardless of age will indeed enjoy and gamble with. Therefore, carry out a quick reading and know what these activities are.

10 Fun Classroom Activities On St. Patrick’s Day

There are myriad types of St. Patrick’s Day activities targeting a wide range of age groups. Some of these are just for fun while others involve some kind of brain-simulatory sessions. We’ve selected the top 10 out of these. Take a look.

1. Plan For A Fun Scavenger Event

The core of St. Patrick’s Day is involved with a slew of treasure hunt activities which are elected from Irish folklore and myths. Such as Leprechauns, rainbow, gold chests, etc. You may involve students with a fun treasure hunt inside the classroom itself. To begin with, the game put some folded chests inside a glass jar leaving a hint on each such as under the table, behind the class board, etc. And thus let them engage in disinterring treasures. Never forget to keep the gifts according to the hint notes in the corresponding place.

2. Make Rainbow Shakers

Rainbow propels messages of hope, good deeds, and blessings. Thus it’s an inseparable part of St. Patrick’s Day decoration. In this regard making rainbow shakers appear is the most popular activity on St. Patrick’s Day. Keep some colour foil in the class along with some confetti and other essentials and let students be involved in the art of making it. Give them proper lessons wherever needed.

3. Create Leprechaun Puppet & Unveil Their History

Adhere to a quick and captive knowledge transfer on discussing Leprechauns, and their histories, and unveiling the reasons they hide pots of gold behind the rainbow. Then let them involve in creating paper-cut puppets of Leprechuans and further dictate the ways these can be used as book markers.

4. Make Shamrock Pencil Toppers

This is a really fun game which can be accomplished without devoting much effort. What you have to do is bring some green and yellow art papers to the class and share portion papers to the students. Then ask them to draw a three-loved shamrock leaf by showing a visual graphic and cutting in shape with the help of scissors.

5. Show True Rainbow Experimenting With Light

Creating a true rainbow is not a difficult task. It can be easily done with three basic elements, sunlight, a prism, and an understanding of the right angle. With a little self-hand practice you can do it in front of students. Trust me, the whole class would be mesmerisingly overwhelmed.   

6. Take A Virtual Tour Of Ireland & Give A Discourse About Ancient History

Take the students to the original land of Irish or Ireland by showing virtual shows, delivering small yet rip-roaring discourse about the origin of Ireland, their people, emperors, empire, and the legends of Irish legacy and fairytales.

7. Make Magic Rainbow Rings With Cotton Threads

Take four bowls filled with the basic colours of rainbow, place them in a circular manner and finally make a ring of cotton threads by dipping every corner in each bowl. The colour of the rainbow will automatically be shaped through molecular attractions.

8. Inspire Them For Making Green Beverages— Non-Edible Of Course! 

Take them to the chemistry lab and ask themes to pick one long jar individually. Then give them a demo of making green-coloured drinks with basic food colours and milk powder or white cement. Deliver a cautious note about not to sip from the jar to deter further chaos. Once put into the activity all of them will start loving it.

9. Arrange An Essay Writing Topic On Specific St. Patrick’s Day Features & Fairytales

This may sound a little boring at the beginning but this is one of the best effective ventures to aspire students on self-evocation and escalating writing skills. Must coin some interesting topics in this case. Such as what will ask from a Leprechaun if he visits your home on St. Patrick’s Day. or what will you do if you discover a pot of gold beneath the garden of your house? etc.

10. Make Lucky Charm Bar Graph

This activity would be best suited for lower primary students. Distribute bar graphs printed with St. Patrick’s Day lucky charms and asked them to fill each bar as per the colour of the charm indexed right beneath the graph.

This was a quick guide about St. Patrick’s Day school activities in a nutshell. There are more as well apart from these. And you can also include your personal choices in the list. All the best and help your students go back home with a large grin and lots of stories after completion of the activities.