There are only a few days left for 17th March to head in this year. That means the day for the iconic celebration of Irish culture is just about to knock. For we all know that the 17th March of each year is marked as St. Patrick’s Day; a day of complete Irish resonance and pride. The fun fact is germinating from Ireland today St. Patrick’s Day is more embraced as a globalised event and jovially accepted by the people of the USA, Canada, Brazil, and some other realms. Therefore, as the day counts multiple fun facts ranging from quirky dressing to eccentric activities, it would be no wonder if your palette craves satiating some authentic Irish cuisines and drinks. So, in this article, we’ve enlisted the list of some classic Irish dishes that you must miss to devour. As the door of Irish cuisine opens with potatoes and ends with rich, flavourful tastes of whipped creams, slow-cooked beef, and satiating desserts we’ve tried to cover all peripheries and enlisted the top 10 most sought-after as well as consumed dishes on the day. Let’s bang on them.

10 Most Relished Classic Irish Dishes On St. Patrick’s Day

The secret of a classic Irish dish relies upon one principal ingredient which is potato. Whether is a classic mashed potato dish or colcannon, a platter of buttery smooth hash browns or a bowl of crispy potato nachos with whipped potato cream, everywhere there is an affluent use of potato without any frugality. Followed by potatoes other classic Irish dishes include various varieties of corned beef and cabbage such as slow-cooked corned beef and cabbage, corned beef and cabbage slides, shepherd pies, potato candies, etc. Hence, for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve finalised these 12 dishes consumed voraciously.

1. A Full Irish Breakfast

A full Irish breakfast is indeed vibrant in nature. Lots of ingredients can be coupled into one bowl. Potatoes, hash browns, sausages, beans, soda bread, etc, In fact, there are endless ways to make your own breakfast buffet. However, for the stake of St. Patrick’s Day, you can set your breakfast platter with sausages, thick bacon, hash browns, and some Irish colcannon puffs. You can increase further counts or decrease as per your appetite.

2. A Bowl Of Thick Potato Soup & Irish Soda Bread

A bowl of thick potato soup does not just speaks about typical Irish emotion but a bowl of comfort where every single spoon slumps down layers of fatigue inch by inch. Made up of thick blended potato stews, country cheese and whipped cream you can really kickstart St. Patrick’s Day with a deluxe retreat. Never forget to keep a few slices of Irish soda bread beside the bowl for maximized satisfaction.

3. Colcannon Or Irish Mashed Potatoes

Colcannon is another classic Irish dish for which foodies can literally go mad. Prepared from mashed, creamy, and mashed potatoes with lots of green sprinkles on the top, this dish is a real flexible creation to be served at any point of time a day. To relish the best version of it, must keep a mug of Irish coffee alongside.

4. Shamrock Pancakes

As the colour of St. Patrick’s Day is all about green and paces up with the iconic emblem of shamrocks, the same imprint can be sprawled over the dishes as well. So, as a result, you can definitely keep shamrock pancakes on your breakfast menu on the day. Cooked with regular ingredients, the only inclusion that turns shamrock recipes green and unique in look is the use of spinach. 

5. Slow Cooker Corned Beef And Cabbage Meal

This is the most sought-after full-course meal sought after on St. Patrick’s Day. With a handful of easily available ingredients i.e., cabbage and beef, the dish comes out as a classic palatable fantasy with zero epicurean devotion, imbibed with versatile flavours. Put some fresh leaves of cabbage, a chunk of beef, some potatoes, and carrots in the casserole, sprinkle seasonings as per personal taste and leave for slow cooking for an hour or likely so. That’s all. Now just close your eyes and be prepared to relish some heavenly and sumptuous flavours. Besides, this full-course meal, there are some other popular variants of corned beef and cabbages that people love to devour on the day corned beef and cabbage slides, Irish devil egg with corned beef and cabbage.

6. Irish Stew

If your St. Patrick’s Day food hunt affines relishing simple and comfortable taste, keeping the Irish stew on the list is a must. Prepared from hand-cut beef, potatoes, and carrots, no fine culinary skill is actually required to serve the dish on your lunch plate. Just give every a quick toss and freehand gentle marination with basic spices, and you can truly hear rumbling sounds from your stomach the moment the stew starts bowling. Despite the traditional Irish stew, you can also bust your palette by taking sips from Guinness beef stew.

7. Shepherd’s Pie

While going the extra mile is what you strive for a delightful filling of your hungry pangs, Shepherd’s pie is worth making you smile and taking you a satisfied hiccup after the course is consumed. Traditionally made from ground lamb, Shepherd’s pie is known for replicating beyond-explicable taste with simple cooking styles. With a thick layer of ground lamb base layer, the top surface of the pie is thickly topped with cheesy mashed potatoes. Henceforth a real gem to reinvent your tastebuds. 

8. Dublin Coddle

Dublin Coddle is a great way to treat your taste buds with a box of flavourful tastes. It is one of the most popular one-pot meals among Irish communities across Ireland and outside the country. Typically made up of leftovers and chunky sausages or any form of meat, Dublin Coddle is indeed a tongue coddler whenever you put your mouth into the bowl. 

9. Leprechaun Chow

Imagining a festive day lip-tossing with a mouthful of crackling sweet delighter is just unimaginable! Isn’t it? So, St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t fall apart from the same practice. So, this time blow your kids’ minds with astonishment and shove them to be glued with a fun dessert bowl that is Leprechaun chow.  Made up of easy-to-cook and delicious cereals, crackling fillers, and white chocolates Leprechaun chow is a pure sole winner for the day.

10. Green Velvet Cheese Cake

A gentle bite from soft green velvet cheesecake is the most candid way to adieu to St. Patrick’s Day for the season. Afterall all good things start and end by sharing one thing in common i.e. by sharing and munching sweets. So, mandatorily keep green velvet cheesecake in your a-la-carte for the day.

This was a core glimpse from St. Patrick’s Day menu. Followed by these are several other names as well namely potato candies, shamrock cookies, Irish colcannon puffs, and many more. Do, pick them or cook them as per your culinary skill. Give an indulgent experience to your taste buds for the day. Keep savouring and enjoy.